ATOR Hardware: Revolutionizing Privacy Protection

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In a digital age where personal data is a commodity, ATOR stands as a vanguard of privacy, offering not just a promise but a tangible solution. Our hardware is the embodiment of this commitment: a low-power, plug-and-play device that both contributes to and provides internet anonymity.

The Genesis of ATOR's Hardware

ATOR's signature hardware is called the ATOR Relay: when powered on and connected to the internet, it can act as a relay in our network and earn the ATOR token for contributing bandwidth. From Q2 2024, every relay will also be able to route your home traffic anonymously.

Unveiling the Ultimate Crypto Mining Rig

With its user-friendly interface, energy-efficient operations, and optimized performance, the relay is engineered to contribute seamlessly to our network whilst remaining consistently active, to passively generate ATOR tokens.

A Fusion of Technology and User-Centric Design

Our hardware integrates cutting-edge technology with a focus on the user experience.

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Empowering the DePIN Network

ATOR's mining rigs do more than mine cryptocurrency; they serve as pillars of the ATOR network. Each unit enhances the network's strength, providing robust support for the infrastructure that underpins our collective digital privacy.

Sustainability: A Core Principle

We've embedded sustainability into the DNA of our hardware. Our rigs are designed for energy efficiency, ensuring that your mining operations are environmentally conscious and aligned with a greener future.

Setting Up Your ATOR Mining Rig

Embark on your mining journey with ease using our comprehensive setup guide. We provide clear instructions and support to ensure that you can start mining quickly and efficiently.

Join the Privacy Revolution

ATOR's hardware is more than just a component of your mining setup; it's your stake in a future where privacy is preserved through action and innovation. By choosing ATOR, you're not just mining cryptocurrency; you're fortifying the very essence of internet freedom.