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The ATOR Relay is our premier hardware device. Developed throughout 2023, the ATOR Relay is built for our new network, and the Relay v1 hardware is now complete.

Initial Internal Rollout

Initially, the ATOR Relay will be subjected to internal testing by our wider team. The first 25 units will be distributed in December 2023 for closed-door feedback, testing and finalization.

The First Hardware Presale

The first hardware presale of 1000 units has completed! The units sold out in its public sale on the 29th December 2023 via an NFT sale. See your NFT and phase information at

Official NFT CA: 0xc630bad95a9aea1f0367e69a2a5f7c19901493fc

Whitelisting for the ATOR Relay

In the first NFT presale, 500 of the 1000 total slots have been whitelisted, with various ways to acquire a whitelist. From content and outreach to participating in testing. Check out for more.

Note: The whitelist and first presale has now completed and sold out.

The Two-Stage Presale

The first 1000 units have been available to purchase for 0.1 ETH and 250 ATOR. The presale stage in 2023 has allowed people to secure the NFT with 0.1 ETH and, through Q1 of 2024, as relays are manufactured and become available for shipping, user will then send the ATOR component and finalize shipping details.

Relays for Beta Testing

With the creation of the new ATOR Network comes a protracted period of global testing. The ATOR Relay will be fully compatible with our new network, and all hardware owners will be able to participate in global testing by contributing their bandwidth, with the potential for mainnet ATOR rewards.  

Further Rollouts

From this first batch, subsequent units will be presold and manufactured, in keeping with demand. There will be numerous options and payment providers to acquire a relay, as well as ways to onboard existing DePIN hardware to our network in partnership with Hotspotty.